Ask Me Anything

2014-03-09 03:18:00 by Plazmix

Ask me anything! I'm curious to what you've probably had always wanted to ask me. I dont mind if it's even a personal question I will answer it.


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2014-03-09 04:39:44

Do you believe aliens have visited our planet? And if so, do you believe that they are planning an assault on our civilization to make us become their slaves and to harvest our bodies to use to spawn their offspring? If so, what actions do you believe the government should take in order to prevent this from happening? Do you think aliens can control our minds? If so, do you believe there are any ways to prevent aliens from reading our minds, such as wearing hats made from aluminum foil or hats that have cat ears on top? Thank you for your reply in advance, I have been very concerned about an alien attack ever since they abducted my dog, and I really want to prevent it from happening to my pet hamster as well. Any advice you can give is welcomed.

Plazmix responds:

I believe it is possible a more advanced civilization could be out there and possibly have visited our planet. If they were to take control of the human race and all who inhabit the earth I think they would have done so already. It is also possible that aliens can control our minds because it seems the government has already done a good job doing so already. Hats with cat ears are awesome and look a lot better then stupid foiled hats. Also I dont believe they have stolen your dog because i think every dog on earth should have already been abducted if they were doing so. Just make sure your hamster is in a cage at all times. Thank you for asking.
- Plazmix/Wolf